Beginner’s Guide to Cooking Tools

Cooking can be fun, relaxing, and a creative outlet. However, if you aren’t well-prepared with the proper cooking equipment, it can be frustrating and will have you driving to a local restaurant or microwaving meals.

I know it seems like there are millions of cooking tools to purchase, and it’s often hard to sift through what’s needed or not needed. I’ve purchased quite a few cooking tools, some necessary and unnecessary, and know how much money can be spent trying to find the right tools.

If you are moving into a first apartment or house, getting married and have a wedding registry, or learning how to cook and need equipment, I have created this guide to beginner’s guide to cooking tools just for you.


Saute Pan

Sauté Pans

A 12-inch sauté pan can potentially serve as your everyday pan. As stated in the name, you can sauté (meaning to fry quickly in a little ...
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