Chunky Soup Done

P’s Chunky Veggie Soup (Stew)

I have a small kitchen, so 1) I don’t have the luxury of lots of counter space, and 2) I seldom have the patience for recipes that require lots of time for prep. I’m also not a fan of needing to purchase lots of special ingredients that are unlikely to ever be used again. Basically I like to dump stuff into one pot and have something tasty once the whole process is done.

I cooked my chunky veggie soup (stew) in a slow cooker and accidentally (I fell asleep) left it on low all night long so I ended up with a very thick consistency, which is what I like. (more…)

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pho with chicken

Chicken Pho

One of my Pinterest recipe finds includes’s . As soon as I saw the photos on her blog, I knew I had to .


Overall, I give the recipe a 4 out of 5. It was fairly easy to make and flavorful. It would have been even more flavorful if I had added thai basil, hoisin sauce and sriracha hot sauce to taste.

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