She-Hulk and Chinese Takeout

She-Hulks likes Chinese Takeout!

Project 365 Photography Challenge – #10

I’m no longer a teenager (sigh), but I’m still a fan of Marvel Comics. My favorites are , , and .

For my birthday, I received a She-Hulk comic book, and I’ve just gotten around to reading it. My first impression — She-Hulk, where have you been all my life? She’s pretty awesome!

From the looks of it, she appreciates quick and delicious Chinese takeout and a good drink here or there. I’ve wondered just what would Jen Walters eat? Vegetable Lo Mein? Beef and Broccoli? Chicken with Hot Bean Sauce? (more…)

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REVIEW: lucettegrace | Raleigh, NC

chocolate cake whole

On Monday, I went to the two-week old , a new patisserie in downtown Raleigh. The space was clean, modern and functional. Wait staff was friendly, and patrons seemed to be busy chatting with friends, sipping coffee, or surfing the Internet.

The best part for me was the dessert. The options were plentiful and the display case held the most beautiful little treats, all neat and perfectly decorated. I thought “There’s no way these desserts are as delicious as they were beautiful.” But I was wrong. (more…)

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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Early Girl Eatery, Asheville, NC


is one of my favorite restaurants in Asheville, NC. The restaurant has small time charm with big city flavors in their food. During my visit, I had the barbecue sandwich with ginger slaw. It was delicious from bun to ‘cue.  My favorite, however, was the mac and cheese. Oh, my, was it good. Better than my mom’s good. Sorry, Ma! Overall, I give a 5 out of 5 easily, and plan to go again to try something new — possibly breakfast.

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Have you been to Early Girl Eatery? If so, what was your favorite menu item?

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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Tupelo Honey, Asheville, NC


My visits to the Tupelo Honey in Asheville, North Carolina was a good experience. Both the breakfast and dinner options that I selected were delicious, flavorful and well-presented. I did not get photos of my breakfast, which included goat cheese grits, bacon and pancakes.  I convinced 3 of my friends who visited Asheville to check out Tupelo Honey. They had breakfast there and they loved it.  (more…)

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