Container Gardening Update: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Basil & More

Container gardening is an activity that I really enjoy. What I enjoy most is my wild attempt to try to grow as much as I can in a small space. Let me tell you, it’s amazing what you can grown in a 3 x 6 space and smaller. This year I have a lot of veggies and herbs in small to large pots, but to keep some floor space I moved some of the pots to a large plastic shelf tucked in a corner. But enough about that…

Since I started my seed in early April, I now have ever-growing tomatoes, cilantro, sweet mint, Thai lime basil, tomatillos, thai purple eggplant (albeit still small), cucumbers, Chinese chives, baby oakleaf lettuce, and I’m having a slightly unsuccessful time at growing carrots. More on that in another post. Many of the seeds are heirloom and came from , a small business in Missouri.

Here are some current pictures of my garden:

Massive cucumber action happening. There’s lots of little yellow flowers inside of the bush.
This Thai lime basil smells so wonderful. I need to clip it before it flowers. I have two more plants, but they are not as full as this beauty.
I can already tell that my two tomatillo plants are going to be tall. I love the delicate look of the leaves, but they are strong.
These Tom Thumb Peas are the cutest ever! I plan to use them as salad toppings.
This tomato plant is so full of tomatoes and blossoms! So far I have about 7 tiny tomatoes on it. There are probably 20 blossoms.
This Baby Oakleaf Lettuce is delicious, and I’ve cut this pan of lettuce down 3 times already and it keeps coming back.
Just another picture of these cuties…

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