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Getting your home organized is a great way to maximize use of space and really a great way to relieve stress in your every day life. I’ve been working to maximize use of my small space and it’s really made it easier for me to complete simple everyday tasks.

If you want to get started with better organizing and storing items in your home or office, start with the area that’s really driving you crazy the most. If it’s a junk drawer, start there first. If it’s your craft room, start there first. Organizing the areas that give you the most stress first will make following through on your other wishlist items so much easier.

Also, don’t forget that your local discount stores have low-cost, but great tools for helping you organize. You don’t have to spend several hundreds of dollars to get your home organized. So far, I think I’ve spent about $60 to get additional storage and organization items for the kitchen, bath, craft closet and refrigerator. Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond have been my favorite budget-friendly stores during this experience. If you don’t mind spending a little extra and prefer one-stop shopping for all of your needs, or The Container Store would be your best bet.

Inexpensive Home Storage & Organization Ideas

Craft Supplies

I purchased six  to store like items in the closet. I must admit that before I purchased the bins, everything in the closet was layered on the shelves. It was really hard to quickly find what I needed sometimes, and it made me less interested in crafting.

storage boxes
These storage boxes with lids were only $1 each at Dollar Tree! The lids came in white, light green and light blue.
craft closet
The “after” craft closet with items stored in the covered boxes.

Now like items are stored in each covered bin and stacked on top of each other, which makes so much sense and saves a lot of space. So my glues and tapes are in one bin, craft paints in another, ribbons in another, drawing supplies in another, and so on. I’ve since worked on craft projects much more efficiently. Easy breezy. This is probably my proudest organization so far.

Kitchen Cabinets

I have a small kitchen, but because I enjoy cooking, baking and food photography, I own a good amount of kitchen stuff – pots, pans, cake pans, baking sheets, cast iron skillets, food processors, mixers, gadgets…you get the picture.

These racks were $6.99 each. I purchased two – one for baking pans and one for cast iron cookware.
rack one
cookie sheets, muffin pans, and cutting boards

Considering that I have very few kitchen cabinets (i.e. not much storage space), I purchased  and that have literally made my kitchen and cooking experience so much better. Now, my pots, pans and spices aren’t stacked all on top of or hidden behind each other. They are easy to retrieve and replace once I’m done using them. This is probably my second proudest organization achievement so far.

Bathroom Cabinets

I purchased eight $1  to keep items from makeup to nail polish to hair supplies organized under the bathroom sink.

stacking bins
Yes, their colorful. But they’re out of sight inside the cabinet. At a $1 each, I’m cool with that. They’d also be great for organizing small kids toys, crayons and pencils.
These items will get used multiple times per day/week, so I'm a little less worried about overall tidiness inside the bins. I do, however, make sure items that I need often are within a quick grab and are in the top bins.
A few of the bins that are directly under my “favorite” bathroom sink (for some reason I always use the left one).

It’s now easy for me to reach into the bins to get what I need, and quickly put it back in it’s appropriate bin.

The items in these bins get used multiple times per day/week, so I’m a little less worried about overall tidiness inside the bins as that everything is in it’s appropriate bin (hair, makeup, first aid, styling products, etc). I do, however, make sure items that I need often are within a quick grab and are in the top bins.

These would also be great for organizing small kids toys, crayons and pencils at home, daycare or in a classroom.

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