My Journey

Many people start off each New Year with a goal in mind. For some it’s to be more physically fit and beach-ready by summer. Others want to go on a dream vacation or spend more quality time with family and friends. Some want to start working toward a college degree, volunteer more, become more spiritual, or start a new career. Overall, many people simply want to be or experience something that will make them be a better person and/or improve their quality of life. Not perfect. Just increasingly better.

Becoming as Healthy As Possible

There’s really no excuse for not doing what’s best for my body. “I’m so busy”, “But I have to do XYZ in the morning/evening”, and so on and so forth are very easy excuses. But when I see a person in their 60s jogging or when I read articles about how very busy people like  and   workout for hours a day to maintain their overall health and performance even when they don’t want to do it, it makes me question the standard “I don’t really have ___ minutes a day to exercise” excuse. If they can make time, so can I. Right? Right. I want to be healthy enough to hike up mountains, run marathons and, hopefully, ballroom dance well into my 80s. You need a healthy body and brain to do that. That’s what I want.

From time to time, I will post about my journey to better, optimal health. Those posts will be featured below.

Living a Healthier Lifestyle Posts

roasted beets

How To Roast Beets

I have eaten beets before, but I have to admit that I have never purchased fresh beets and cooked them. Today, I did just that by roasting them. Though beets ...
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naked chocolate raspberry cake

Naked Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Chocolate. Oh, chocolate. Many of us really enjoy it in all of its forms including hot chocolate, candy bars, ice cream, and cake. Can you believe that at one point in ...
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If you’re on a journey to a better you, share your goals below. Maybe we can learn from and encourage each other to our goals.

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