dutch oven chicken

Dutch Oven + Chicken

Project 365 Photography Challenge – #5

Last night, my new Lodge 6-quart enameled cast iron dutch oven was delivered from Amazon. Yay! I have been wanting an affordable dutch oven that was a pretty color for a while, and this one seems to be what I was looking for all along. My first dish cooked in the dutch oven was .

dutch oven chicken


Angela Farrior

I started this blog as a way to become a better cook, baker and host. I also want to share my experiences traveling to restaurants, trying new recipes, reviewing cooking tools, and my attempts to DIY projects related to dining and entertaining. I look forward to your future visits and comments. Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Dutch Oven + Chicken

  1. Love the photo!
    I have a dutch oven at home and have no idea how to use it or when to use it!
    Is it similar to a slow cooker?

    1. Hi Zurry! Yes, it’s a good tool for foods that you want to slow cook like stews and roasts. I like it for making chicken noodle soup. It has other uses though. I’ve seen some recipes for using it to make no-knead bread like this one from . I hope to experiment with my new Dutch oven more often so please stay tuned. :-)

  2. You cook and I love to eat so this is a wonderful surprise to have found your blog! I’m swooning over this dutch oven picture. It looks so good :)

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