Satsuma Oranges

Satsuma Oranges

Project 365 Photography Challenge – #1

Happy First Day of 2015! I signed up Click It Up A Notch’s Project 365, a group activity to practice and share our photography everyday for a year (or once a week if you participate in Project 52). I’m excited, and here are some of my first photos of the year.

Satsuma Oranges

Citrus fruit is great all during the year, but the one orange you can get that actually is ready for harvest in Winter is the . Also known as the Christmas Orange, it’s a part of the mandarin orange family. They are both sweet and tart.

Quick Recipe

I like to make citrus ades with satsuma orange, lime and lemon juices mixed with a bit of water. For additional sweetness, I add Turbanado sugar or Splenda as desired when drinking because sometimes I want my drink a little sweeter or more tart.

Satsuma Oranges


Where I Found The Satsuma Oranges

The only place that I’ve ever found them has been at Whole Foods, but they are likely also sold at stores like The Fresh Market and Trader Joe’s during winter. I believe they were about $2.99/lb, and I purchased only 3 oranges — just enough to make a bit of citrus-ade to drink with dinner. The oranges were in pretty bad shape this year, but I haven’t been to Whole Foods in about a month so I may have missed the best of the crop oranges this year.

Satsuma Oranges

About the Photography Backdrops

I recently purchased the concrete-look vinyl floor tile (app. $2.50/each) from Lowe’s Home Improvement, and used an Elmer’s black foam board (app. $5.50) for the background that I purchased from Michaels about a year ago.



Angela Farrior

I started this blog as a way to become a better cook, baker and host. I also want to share my experiences traveling to restaurants, trying new recipes, reviewing cooking tools, and my attempts to DIY projects related to dining and entertaining. I look forward to your future visits and comments. Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Satsuma Oranges

  1. I like the lighting, your backdrop idea and your site. Excellent work!

    I too, am a member of Click it up a Notch. Check me out if you’re interested.


    1. Thanks Loyce. I saw your awesome photo of the tapirs and left you a comment. Looks like we both had a great Day 1 for Project 365. I look forward to seeing the rest of your 2015. :-)

    1. Thanks Zurry. Steal away! :-) It’s super inexpensive, and Lowe’s, Home Depot, and I’m sure other home improvement stores have many more options. I know I saw several texture and patterned in various shades of white, brown, gray and black vinyl tiles in 18 in X 18 in and 12in X 12in.

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