Friday, December 8, 2023

My name is Aleksandr, and my journey has been nothing short of an adventure. I was born in the beautiful country of Estonia, but my thirst for exploration and understanding cultures led me to several corners of the world, including Thailand, Spain, Latvia, and beyond. Each country gifted me a plethora of experiences, shaping my perspective and enriching my worldview.

Throughout my travels, one constant that struck me was the universal language of food. It was an exciting revelation to see how meals, simple or elaborate, could tell a story, representing the culture, history, and spirit of a place. But of all the cuisines I encountered, the one that captivated my heart and palate the most was American food, specifically, the art of cooking steaks.

Over the past decade, I have dedicated myself to mastering the craft of cooking steaks, researching extensively about different cuts, cooking methods, and seasoning techniques. I have honed my skills in various professional kitchens and grilling competitions across the world, gaining a deep understanding and expertise in this culinary niche. My passion for steak is not just about the cooking process, but also about understanding the science behind it, the cultural significance of steak in American cuisine, and the art of presenting it.

American food is more than just cuisine; it’s a celebration of diversity and creativity. From the classic burgers and steaks that are a symbol of comfort and simplicity, to the vibrant fast food scene, American food style is an amalgamation of various cultures, tastes, and innovations. My decade-long journey in the world of steaks has given me a unique perspective on this, and I am eager to share my knowledge and experiences with you.

In 2023, I breathed life into this dream by acquiring It was a new beginning, a step towards creating something that echoed my love for American food and my desire to share it with the world. But I didn’t want it to be just another food website. My vision was to transform it into a community, a space where everyone, from home cooks to professional chefs, could share their unique experiences, recipes, and perspectives related to American cuisine.

As an authoritative voice in the field of steak cooking, I encourage guest posts on the website. I believe in the power of shared knowledge and experiences. I want to be a platform where you can share your family’s cherished recipes, your reviews of the latest diners and eateries, or your tips and tricks to host the perfect backyard BBQ. Together, we can learn, grow, and celebrate the culinary delights that American food has to offer.

So, welcome to! Join me on this exciting culinary journey. Let’s explore, create, and savour the diverse flavours of American food together. I’m thrilled to embark on this adventure, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us. Rest assured, with my expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness in the field, we are in for a delicious journey.