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This morning I woke up and I wanted pancakes. Not just plain old pancakes — blueberry pecan pancakes. I absolutely love blueberries, but I must confess that I’ve never made blueberry pancakes from scratch. Really no pancakes from scratch. Ever. No, really. Today, I finally made my first pancakes and added blueberries and pecans like a boss. And it was worth it.

For starters, I searched my Pinterest boards for one of my “I want to make this during before 2015” recipes and found .

This is a great recipe because I was attracted to the use of sour cream, which gives the pancake a slight tart taste that pairs well the sweetness of blueberries. Whipping the egg whites was my least favorite part of the recipe, but I think it was key to the texture and height of the pancakes. Overall, I definitely give an A+.


  • The only modifications that I made to the recipe was to add roughly chopped pecans to the blueberries and flour dry mixture.
  • I used my all-time favorite blueberries — Rocky Point, North Carolina’s . I have found them at Whole Foods, Walmart, Food Lion and Lowe’s Foods.

Here are a few pictures:

blueberry pecan pancakes


blueberry pecan pancakes


blueberry pecan pancake stack


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