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Project 365 Photography Challenge – #9

Most people who know me well know that there’s one snack that I like A WHOLE LOT. It’s popcorn. It started from childhood when my first memories of popcorn are of me asking my mom for those Jiffy Pop pie pan packs of popcorn to cook on the stove. My late grandmother would always have a bag of popping corn when I would spend weekends with her in spring and summer. She would pop some corn on her gas stove in a large pot as I stood watching her every move, pour it into a bowl, salt and shake, and we’d walk outside to sit outside under her Magnolia tree to talk and munch. As you can see, I have fond memories of the crunchy treat. :-) I like simple plain buttered popcorn most of all (just ask the local movie theaters), but I also enjoy eating sweet and spicy popcorn flavors too.

Here are a few recipes that I found on Pinterest that I’d like to try and so might you:

Popcorn Recipes

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