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I really enjoying baking and seeing people enjoy my cakes, pies, bars and other sweet treats. One of my guilty pleasures is admiring (and sometimes) purchasing cake plates. They are totally unnecessary, but they do help the presentation. I don’t know what it is, but cake plates and stands seem to make the worst cake look so much better.


Today’s Photo

My photo for today is a picture of a recent cake plate purchase that I made from Marshall’s clearance rack for $5. Yes, $5 dollars. :-) It’s on the small side, but fits a 6-inch cutesy cake just perfectly.

cake stand
cake stand

There are so many cake plates and stands available online in beautiful colors, shapes and heights. has some really beautiful and affordable ones to choose from.

Project 365 Photography Challenge – #8

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Do you serve your cakes on cake stands or plates? If so, tell me about your favorite one?


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